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Hi, I’m Sierra! My husband, Jeff and I lost our first baby to miscarriage in November 2020. Since then we lost pregnancies in July 2021 and May 2022. I started this blog as a safe space to talk about all things miscarriage and pregnancy loss and now IVF. If you know this particular brand of heartache personally or you’re looking to support a loved one, we hope you find it helpful. One in four pregnancies end this way, so let’s put a stop to the stigma and learn how to live well in the meantime.


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Hi, I’m Sierra, currently managing a non-profit designed to provide wrap-around services to survivors of domestic and sexual violence and an Orangetheory Fitness Coach on the side. I love to help people realize their full potential and in the meantime, I’m dreaming about raising little humans of my own with my best friend and husband Jeff. Read more

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