Welcome to our journey with miscarriage & learning to live well in the meantime.

The Vulnerability of Hope: IVF Round One

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a gauntlet. A challenge to your mind and body that leaves you physically bruised and emotionally exhausted. I struggled a little bit with how to respond when people congratulated us on starting IVF because those of you who have been there know, it’s no celebration. In my experience, it is…

Recurrent Miscarriage & the Question of Infertility Treatment

We talk about miscarriage as if it is a moment in time, a crossing back from a state of pregnancy to some state of baseline, a return to normalcy. However, going through it is something else entirely. First and foremost, it is a process rather than an event. When someone says, “I had a miscarriage,”…

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