Quick Life Update

I’m working hard on a post about what not to say and what replacements are more helpful, but it’s a delicate topic and taking more emotional energy than expected, so in the meantime, here’s a little update:

I went to my January blood test on the 23rd and my hCG levels have stayed at zero since they dropped the week before Christmas. This is good news, and means, at least so far, that there is no indication of cancer! Now only 4 more months worth of blood tests. If they stay clear of hCG then we will get the green light to start trying to get pregnant again.

What do you do in the waiting? For better or worse, we decided to buy a condo! We’re so over renting and this will give us lots of distraction from our circumstances with the renovation. We are excited to pick out flooring and redo the kitchen. Don’t mind me channeling my inner HGTV star.

ID: Jeff and I taking a selfie in our masks at Home Depot in front of a wall display of flooring samples.

My next objective? Convince Jeff to buy me a puppy! I hear they are very therapeutic..

One thought on “Quick Life Update

  1. Dear Sierra:
    Today for the first time I read all your blogs and appreciate your openness and honesty. May the Lord continue to use you to bring healing and hope to others. Darryl and I miscarried our 2nd child Kris after having Kaleb in 1994 and before Korey was born in 1997. I remember clearly as if it was 1996 again. We were so excited and told many.. When I miscarried, I had emotions that I did not know existed. Tears were shed and suddenly I was one of many women who had had a miscarriage. Prior I knew no one. I found comfort in these ladies who shared their similar experience with me. My parents and brothers reached out to me bringing me flowers and food. My church, family and friends lifted us both up in prayer. I received tons of hugs, so much love and support and the opportunity to talk about my reality. I’m so thankful to the many that just listened and the many that shared that I was not alone. To this day we share with others that we have 4 children. Kira was our last surprise gift and we know our Kris, boy or girl, is in heaven with Jesus. Today was also our Pastor”s memorial service reminding me how precious life is and to live it well in service to others and that it is ok to grieve as Jesus wept too. I can’t wait for the reunion in heaven. Oh what a glorious day that will be. Thank you!
    May God’s Word comfort you always for He promises that He will never leave you!
    Psalm 139:13-16. Isaiah 40:28-31, Psalm 121


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